Sparkle ahead, bella anima.

Passionately filling these pages to sprinkle bits and bobs of love, hope, faith and good old memories to light up the soul. May you find joy as you embrace pieces of my mini-world of colors. Keep shining! ✨ Check my poems on my page, too! 🌻🧡🔝

Chocolates with Almonds & Raisins

They say that it is our passion that makes us live. It is our passion that makes us fall in love with life every season, every day. They say, “Make your passion your profession”, and in that way, we won’t have to work a day.

14 Things I Love About You

These are just few of the countless things I love about you, and I will never get tired of thanking God for you. Step one to forever!♡

“I know who I want to take me home”

That day — that magical and fateful day — though I couldn’t exactly figure out everything in my mind and heart just yet, one thing became certain: YOU. Finally you.

Q-day B-day: It was Perfect

If the (my) world wasn’t on quarantine today, I still would have been spending my birthday the exact same way. And I love everything about it.

Small Infinity

I thank God for you, everyday. Our small infinity in the fields of parade molded this strong bond we have, and I’m glad. I couldn’t wait to build a whole new infinity with you. Soon.♡

Extrovert > Introvert

I have always been fond of the outside world my entire life — being with friends, talking, dancing, laughing. Being an extrovert was easy. It defined me. It brought out the best in me. DID, past tense.


A short break from the COVID-19 scare: I had a good splash with my bumblebees.

Life in a Cocoon

Remembering the times Clark painstakingly molded me, I’d say it did fulfill its purpose well. And all it serves now is a wonderful memory to look back — in every raindrop, in every sunray, in every beautiful Sunday.