Sparkle ahead, bella anima.

Passionately filling these pages to sprinkle bits and bobs of love, hope, faith and good old memories to light up the soul. May you find joy as you embrace pieces of my mini-world of colors. Keep shining! ✨

Sunday Victory

Every day is a revelation of God’s compassion, and it is during Sabbath that we are able to indulge deeply and appreciate these truths. I am happy that we are now able to attend the physical Sunday service and join in the communal worship. Refreshed and best-rested.

Weekday Sabbath

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, I’m all made up, hair well tied, and dressed comfortably. And it’s not for any special occasion, I just wanted to do a good fix for myself once in a while, especially today— a day I strongly felt the urge to take a good rest. A weekday Sabbath. A peaceful time with the Lord. So I took a work leave, off from my daily mental battles.

COVID-19 Positive

But the Lord said, “Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.”
(2 Chronicles 20:15) As did the Lord deliver Judah and Jerusalem from their enemies, the Lord surely will deliver us from this virus. It will never win against our God!

An Ode(tte) to the South: Part II

Less rush, more presence— this is what our second day immensely taught us. To simply be grateful, to be thankful for simplicity.

An Ode to the South: Part I

The beautiful Southern Cebu embraced us with its crystal seawaters, white sands, bountiful greens, ice-cold spring waters, and a wide palette of colorful skies.

Nonstop November

This year I decided to reawaken my abandoned hobbies, talents, and healthy habits; even started new ones. Looking back to the year that has been, I’m glad to have seen footsteps of these works. ♡

Self-improvement is Self-love

It’s always best to fill our thoughts with inspirational bubbles and most importantly, constant wisdom from the Lord.

Gratitude Flow

Our best life starts when we replace the bad thoughts and situations with gratitude and faith in God’s direction.

What Nature Brings

Fully restorative and calming, I thank God for Sundays that cater us in the highlands. The lush greens that welcomed us undoubtedly spoke of God’s majesty in the midst of the panoramic view of the city.