Sparkle ahead, bella anima.

Passionately filling these pages to sprinkle bits and bobs of love, hope, faith and good old memories to light up the soul. May you find joy as you embrace pieces of my mini-world of colors. Keep shining! ✨

Sunday Marvel

Basking in the unfiltered goodness of the Lord, we were awed by the marvel He created right in front of our very eyes. This Sunday morning brought us uphill, chasing the sun as it peeked through the puffy heavens. Oh, what a beautiful world it is we live in!

The Indoor Life

Never did I imagine spending the first wave of my 30s with a tight company, unrolling anxieties and living by quarantines through weekly game nights, intimate birthdays, random pizza and DIY burger picnics with a few drinks on the side, and babysitting.

Hope Amidst COVID

Instead of wailing about the insecurity of a future, I have learned to change my perspective, set new goals, be more driven, and keep striving, in spite of this uncertainty. For in certainty, I am strengthened and loved, so shall I spread inspiration, strength, and love to those who have lost these along the process.

Friday Takeaway: We only have NOW

We ought to live each day, each NOW, as if it were our last— walking in confidence in the Lord’s plans and provision, pouring our best in every opportunity, and finally resting with a graceful and grateful heart.

I Had A Bad Day

A bunch of snakebites had seamlessly filled my morning that even bad luck is made an understatement.

It Was Time

Our hearts were filled with so much gratitude and joy as we welcomed this new season of friendship, love, and partnership in all aspects of our unpredictable yet sweet-sailing journey. This day is a mark of something new— in a pool of euphoria for such unexpected breakthroughs— that which only God can breathe unto. A fairytale come true.


I decided I needed to rejuvenate. I couldn’t allow myself to get on with life feeling like a rotten old log that easily crumbles. No. I needed to get up and take responsibility for my physical health.

A Milestone Thanksgiving

And now as I turn 30, I lift up my life to You as a form of worship. Here I am to honor You with every breath, every heartbeat, every song. You have shown me that despite the million reasons I feel I do not deserve You, You have a billion and more to declare that I do. Beyond sight. Beyond might. You are God.


In a span of two months, Karlos and I have had a sneak preview of what our future would look like – clingy, off the cuff, a little messy, but all too perfect. We had our fair days of combats, but a bigger proportion of breathless laughters and peaceful cohabitation.

Into the Third Tens

Kamusta? I welcomed 2021 realizing I’ll be turning 30 this year, and I’m surprisingly excited about it! ♡