Sparkle ahead, bella anima.

Passionately filling these pages to sprinkle bits and bobs of love, hope, faith and good old memories to light up the soul. May you find joy as you embrace pieces of my mini-world of colors. Keep shining! ✨

It Was Time

Our hearts were filled with so much gratitude and joy as we welcomed this new season of friendship, love, and partnership in all aspects of our unpredictable yet sweet-sailing journey. This day is a mark of something new— in a pool of euphoria for such unexpected breakthroughs— that which only God can breathe unto. A fairytale come true.


I decided I needed to rejuvenate. I couldn’t allow myself to get on with life feeling like a rotten old log that easily crumbles. No. I needed to get up and take responsibility for my physical health.

A Milestone Thanksgiving

And now as I turn 30, I lift up my life to You as a form of worship. Here I am to honor You with every breath, every heartbeat, every song. You have shown me that despite the million reasons I feel I do not deserve You, You have a billion and more to declare that I do. Beyond sight. Beyond might. You are God.


In a span of two months, Karlos and I have had a sneak preview of what our future would look like – clingy, off the cuff, a little messy, but all too perfect. We had our fair days of combats, but a bigger proportion of breathless laughters and peaceful cohabitation.

Into the Third Tens

Kamusta? I welcomed 2021 realizing I’ll be turning 30 this year, and I’m surprisingly excited about it! ♡

What are You Grateful for?

I decided to dive into a quick Surya Namaskar as I got up. Breathing in, allowing every breath to flow through my veins; breathing out, releasing all the unwanted tension in my body. Ah, what a way to start a day. Beyond the good flex and easing, I recall this term that I’ve always incorporated with my gratifying sun salutations — Santosha, which means “contentment”.

There is Beauty in Waiting

It’s maddening, isn’t it? How everything can never fall real in the brink of our imagination – when we want it, how we want it. How tireless but slow time moves. How incapable we could be. How we have no control. But I have some good news.

Night Warrior

Speak of ways, I bear many. So good luck needing me early in the day. Just sending all my love to my fellow night warriors out there.


There’s always this uncertainty running through our veins – career, love, or even just the corporate attire most suitable for tomorrow’s presentation. We always end up overthinking and crying over crises that may or may not be even real. But here’s the thing: we don’t always have to have everything figured.

My Favorite Corpse

It’s the first day of September and I’m already junked with tons of work after a long beautiful weekend with nature. I finally grasped the chance to go out with my girlfriends and take a breather from my mind-numbing daily routines. It was a well-deserved rest from the riot week that was, and every ugly cloud of thought was definitely blown away by the fine winds at the mountains.