Raindrops and Coffee

In the midst of community quarantine in my hometown, splattered city raindrops and the inescapable need to be at the project site being the engineer that I am, the daily horror emerges. Expectation would make us believe we’d come out to a ghost town, but no – reality brings us, instead, to a world where citizens are hungry to be outside, too. It’s crazy.

Woe, such is life today and we have to deal with it. As much as this chapter heeds face masks as part of our daily clothing and sanitizers becoming a basic necessity, we have to adapt to this isolation and go-out-when-needed-only regulations, too. Being outside is basically a luxury not everyone can afford – safe to say it’s better being cheap today more than ever!

Life goes on, nonetheless. Over and beyond the hustling, the universe somehow slowed down the onrush and mediated the paranoia in my head. While I was walking by the side streets, subtle rainshowers poured during midday, urging me to take cover in a place I most certainly miss – a coffee shop. So I got myself a good cup of coffee and a serene rest amid my seemingly chaotic mind (following strict protocols on social distancing, of course). And there bade my anxiety goodbye, leaving me in a big pause.

Oh, how I needed this! I realized I took shelter not just from the rain, but from the jumpy trails inside of my head. With a classic Westlife song in my background, warm lights and a good view of the outdoor drops, I knew I was at the right place at the right time, perfectly through the weather. I was made to stop, breathe a little more life, and take appreciation of the good things in the seam of impediment. I could see the kindness of people spreading like the blow of wind on a rainy day. I could feel patience blanketing humanity as people wait in [distant] queues and abide to “new” rules. I could see more smiles through people’s eyes, as we find each other doing well and moving on with life. The world is a little warmer and calmer. It’s crazy. And it’s beautiful.

Today was a pretty pause. It was a big icebreaker from my day-to-day home routines (and unhealthy homey postures), and a sweet breather from my obligatory site visits which more often than not tickle my OCD and overthinking brain. Today reminded me that it’s okay to take pauses – to regain our strength and recall why we do the things we do.

Nothing can ever go wrong with a cup of coffee on a rainy day. Cheers to a beautiful life! β™‘

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  1. Sakura says:

    Every time I take a break I wonder if I will ever get up again. On a small scale, I feel afraid to take a 15-minute break during the day, on a medium scale I feel like a rest day from exercise is a slippery slope to obesity, on a large scale I wonder if being a stay at home mom with a 1 and 4-year-old is a permanent death to me in the workforce, and on that huge scale, I wonder how the world economy is or is not going to be more or less the same in the near and distant future. But every time I’m able to fight the urge to not take a break enough, to actually take a break, I always notice the pattern of the tapestry of everyday life was much more beautiful than I expected it was when I never had time to notice it. Thanks for the post, it feels good to re-confirm I’m not the only one who could benefit from learning the art of “break enjoying.” 🍡

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    1. you-knees says:

      It’s always great to hear from you, Sakura!🧑 hearing your stories that somehow relate with mine makes me feel like the world really does some good connection with people and it’s just refreshing. I feel you! I play a little guilt-trip in my head too whenever I take (or not take) a break from everything. I guess we really just have to be kinder to ourselves. Life is beautiful; we really have to see more of its deeper wonders and not just what it chooses to show us on the surface. Cheers and keep safe!β˜•πŸ’•

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